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Six-Man Tag Team Match: Didn't watch it...I believe I was hooking the laptop up and/or playing neopets at that time. I do know that the Dudleyz won. Yay for them...don't know who had it before (Wasn't it Kidman and someone else?) Bubba is just too damn cute.

Matt Hardy vs Kane (winner marries Lita): Yah well....I love Kane....have for quite some time. Even with his bald-headedness and creepy look, I still dig the man. The whole Lita being pregnant thing would actually work IF she was actually pregnant. If anyone remembers correctly, ALL of the pregnancy storylines have been crap. The woman always does something stupid by getting in the ring where she shouldn't be and gets knocked around and misscarries. Stupid stupid stupid. It will be somewhat interesting to see when this "marriage" takes place.

US Championship: Ummm...who wrestled for that one?? I obviously wasn't paying attention.

Eddie vs. Kurt: Can we say ::: yawn ::: ?? I can't stand either of them.

Triple H vs. Eugene: Is it just me or is Triple H getting stockier than normal? Maybe Stephanie actually cooks and that's where he's gaining his weight. Speaking of good ole' Steph...where the heck has she been? Getting more breast implants? I still can't believe that Eugene is played by Nick Dinsmore. Glad to see that he finally made it up to the WWE from OVW, but couldn't they have given him a better character??

IC Match (Edge vs Jericho vs Bastisa): MMMM....alot of tongue wagging going on during this match. Edge is just yummy...and so is Batista. I remember him from OVW when he was Leviathan. Yummy yummy yummy.

Diva Dodgeball: What the fuck?

WWE Championship (Taker vs. JBL): My man did his best. I can't believe he got DQ'd tho. He's lookin' good. I hope he gets a final title one before he decides to retire. I could care less about JBL. He's a mini-Vince.

World Heavyweight Championship (Benoit vs. Orton): Hmmm....not too fond of either. Remember Orton from OVW, he was a cocky little shit there as well. Seems to me that the longer he hangs out with HHH, the cockier he gets. Triple H obviously is rubbing off on him. Does he deserve the belt? Probably not. He may be a legend killer, but I personally don't think he's done his share in the WWE yet. Guess we'll have to see where they're going with this storyline.

Overall Rating for Summer Slam: D .... I've seen them do a hell of a lot better

I believe that's it and I'm now going to bed.....


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